Organise an event

Venue hire

Kanneltalo’s theatre and concert hall has seating for 227 people. There are also four wheelchair spaces and four seats for assistants. The stage is 14 x 7 metres. The room has excellent acoustics and professional theatre sound and lighting technology. Kanneltalo’s technical staff are at hand to provide assistance if necessary.


  • Cultural and art events, EUR 100/hour 
  • Rehearsals and setting up, EUR 40/hour 
  • Steinway & Sons grand piano (including tuning) EUR 150/session
  • Parties and meetings, EUR 120/hour 
  • Other events, EUR 150/hour 
  • Discounts of 10–30% can be given for permanent programmes that are integral to Kanneltalo’s function.
  • Discounts of up to 50% can be given for cultural events organised by professionals for children and young people. 

The prices are correct in 2016. Prices include VAT at 24%. The prices are in force until further notice. Kanneltalo reserves the right to revise prices.


Revenue from ticket sales is divided between the co-producer and Kanneltalo according to an agreed percentage split, such as 70/30. With co-production events

  • the co-producer is the main organiser
  • tickets prices must be agreed with Kanneltalo
  • the co-producer must sign an agreement on ticket sales with through Kanneltalo
  • will pay the gross revenue from ticket sales to the co-producer
  • the co-producer must pay 10% VAT on the revenue as per its VAT status and the law

Ticket sales
Tickets to Kanneltalo are sold through Co-producers cannot choose a different national ticket sales system, although they can sell some of the tickets themselves. 
If the co-producer is a private individual, the revenue from the event can only be paid through a self-employment payroll. In other words, private individuals must sign a contract with one of the providers of self-employment payroll services.
Private entrepreneurs and businesses must be registered for PAYE tax and their registration must be in force at the time of the event.
A ticket sales agreement must be signed before an event can be advertised. Download the agreement, read through the terms and conditions, fill in your information, sign the agreement, and send it by email to

Responsibility for any IPR associated with events and liability for any related fees lies with the co-producer. 

Technical information
Please supply information about any technology needed for the event and other technical information at least six weeks before the event. A production meeting can be held if necessary, in which more detailed schedules can be agreed for technical set-ups and rehearsals. For more information, please contact our technical staff:
Production Designer Helena Roivainen: helena.roivainen (at)
Stage Manager Juha Tuisku: juha.tuisku (at)
Sound Manager Mauri Marin:  mauri.marin (at)                                                                        Lightning Manager Mirkka Saari: mirkka.saari (at)

Culture companion tickets
Up to 10 tickets per event can be reserved for the culture companion scheme. These tickets are sold at a discounted price.  Tickets are subject to availability. Subscribers to the culture companion scheme pay EUR 5 for their ticket. Their culture companions are admitted free of charge. The availability of culture companion tickets is a stipulation by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, and event organisers will not be compensated for the difference in ticket prices.
The culture companion scheme is designed for people who find it difficult to attend cultural events without a companion or who are unlikely to attend otherwise. The culture companion books the tickets, helps their companion get to the event, and provides assistance if necessary.
More information

Cloakroom and café
Kanneltalo has a staffed cloakroom where coats and bags can be left free of charge. The cloakroom attendant can be reached by calling +358 9 3103 2416. Kanneltalo’s café is open before events and during intermissions.

Programme suggestions and residencies

We are constantly looking for new productions, premières, tours, events and series of events in the field of performing arts, and especially theatre and circus, to add to our 
programme. Suggestions are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis, and arrangements for producing performances that are chosen for the programme are agreed on a case-by-case basis. 

New productions can be included in Kanneltalo’s residency programme for rehearsal purposes. Residency rehearsals are usually held in the concert hall. Residencies are available in the summer and around New Year, and producers need to work without access to Kanneltalo’s technical staff. Rehearsals in other parts of Kanneltalo may be possible subject to availability.

Applications and enquiries:
Cultural producer Tiina Laukkanen
tiina.laukkanen (at)